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Welcome to Seratone Studio - recently built for quality and comfort so that your recording experience is as easy as it is memorable. Offering services in Recording, Editing, Mixing, as well as Creative Services (Production/Composition). All styles of music are welcome... feel free to browse the selection of studio recordings from the player below.
The Studio is conveniently located downtown just below Notre Dame St. a few blocks away from the Bell Center. Schedule a visit to come see for yourself. Low prices and negotiable packages are available to you so you won't have to break the bank to get a professional, great-sounding recording.

Un album avec Les 8 Babins 

J'ai passé 2 semaines avec Les 8 Babins, réalisateurs artistiques Luc Tellier et Dan Thouin, et Alex Artun de Kay Productions... On a ri, on a travaillé, et on a enregistré un excellent album qui s'appelle "Viva L'Evolution"... au plaisir de retravailler avec la gang!!

Omnium du Rock Montreal's new studio sponsor: SERATONE 

Seratone will be donating a large sum of recording hours to the winners of this year's 10th annual Omnium du Rock, Quebec's biggest and most recognized rock band competition. The 1st round of shows takes place this week, from Wednesday to Saturday starting at 8:30 every night. I'll be attending a few nights to be on the judge panel - since the winning bands are recording here then it would be better if I enjoy their music!
Feel free to come by and see all the rockin' local bands.